Fred Fixler was born in Hungary, on April 8, 1923, as Nandor Lipschitz. As a young boy he migrated to America and on Elis Island, his name was changed to Fred Fixler. Raised in the Bronx, Fred attended an Orthodox Jewish school for boys.

As a young man he studied to become a diamond cutter, which he practiced for many years. Fred could speak 7 languages fluently; he was a translator/interpreter for the U. S. Army in Europe during WWII. In the early ‘50s, Fred attended The Art Students League in New York, where he studied under Frank Reilly and Robert Beverly Hale. He later studied Cubism at the The Academie Julian in Paris. After a long and successful career as an illustrator, Fred began teaching at The Brandes Art Institute, and later at The California Art Institute. Fred Fixler passed away on January 21, 2010.


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