Figure Drawing Think Sheet

by Greg Pro - Fred Fixler Class 1986

The purpose of this class is to sharpen accurate drawing skills, eye hand coordination, and to draw the figure from a painters approach. Study, leam and concentrate.

Quick Sketch

  • Simplify and mass form (Squint)
  • See only light and dark shapes
  • Ask yourself how can you draw this in the fewest possible lines?
  • Find the abstraction in your model


  1. Squint!
  2. Long lines
  3. Parallel lines
  4. Abstraction (simple shading to follow the abstraction)
  5. Points (landmarks located on the figure)
  6. Feel around the form
  7. Relating lines
  8. Thick and thin strokes
  9. Exaggerate
  10. Measure rapidly
  11. Pace yourself
  • Do not try for light and shade just get the gesture, anatomy, weight and proportions correct using the abstraction method

Long Poses- Squint at all times!

  1. Construct lightly planes, shadows, and cast shadows
  2. Check and re-check, measure
  3. Spot darkest dark and drop in strong black
  4. Use only 5 values 1,3,5,7,9
  5. Look for edges as you go- Hard, Soft, Firm, and Lost
  6. Your sharpest edge and lightest light meet to create the center of interest
  7. Eliminate lines-Go for a tonal approach.