by Greg Pro (Fred Fixler Class) 1986

When projecting the material to be painted make sure that you interpret the photo not copy it. For instanace when going down the core shadow on the face you don't have to necessarily follow the core shadow exactly. When doing the core along the face design it so that the core describes the form of the face. I copied a form as projected and Fred changed it saying that it was too non descript...it didn't get the job done as far as describing  form. So, alter the core if you have too. Make it describe the form. If it's nebulous, change it.

Break up long straight lines or long sharp edges. Maybe again on the side of the face...the cheek and chin against a background...a good way to get some variation is to soften in some places and the best way to do that is to see if you can find a halftone that meets the Line and soften it where it meets the halftone. Let the half tone's meeting it be the excuse to soften it.